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A natural decontamination solution to enhance your product efficiently, effectively and safely and also extend shelf life
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Safely and naturally increase
your seed yield without using
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With natural, safe and effective decontamination, you can extend the life of expensive medical instruments.
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Yofumo Pro+

Yofumo’s Pro+ decontamination solution uses actively motivated gaseous ozone to efficiently, effectively and safely eliminate all contaminants. These units are able to decontaminate the greatest volume of organic material in the shortest amount of time.

Enfleurage Terpenes

Through our proprietary Terpene Development & Application Methodology, we are able to offer the industry’s first-ever Terpene Management Framework in conjunction with our Precision Application Techniques for cannabis biomass.

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Our Pro+ units utilize naturally occurring gaseous ozone instead of chemicals or radiation. Actively motivated ozone ensures all substances are gently exposed for decontamination, thereby ensuring complete elimination of microbial contaminants.


The Pro+ uses gaseous ozone that does not destroy or alter organic material so therefore doesn’t interfere with any organic certification, thus preserving its market value. Ingenious design ensures it is safe for workers.


The Yofumo Pro+ solution eliminates 99.9% of all pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi.

Yofumo is one of Africa’s leaders in Gaseous Ozone Decontamination.

Solving Questions like:

How to Pass Microbial Testing

What to Do with Moldy Cannabis

How to Tell if Your Cannabis is Moldy

Working with Yofumo has been inspiring. Seeing all the potential that cannabis has and how it can be amplified from its current glory is exciting. Being able to provide product that is superior should be the goal of any operation.

Jessica Morgan

Processing Manager at Fat Face Farms

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation that supports cultivating the highest-quality cannabis, and we feel Yofumo is a perfect fit. To attain the quality standards we have in place, you need the technology to deliver a consistent experience.

Rick Fisher

Executive Vice President of Operations and Distribution at CANNDESCENT

Yofumo is thankfully transforming post-harvest product control and curing from an art to a science, while at the same time enabling the art to expand into areas it hasn’t done before, if you are willing to use its full spectrum of application.

Jason Holck

Founder and Owner of Dark Horse Genetics